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I Pooh Jo Meike


SSI Instructor Trainer
PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor
After I realized that an office job is not for me and therefore the time at university was totally unnecessary, I went on a world tour.
Far I did not come. Just a short trip to Australia I made before I already discovered Koh Tao . The small, cozy island with all its charms impressed me so muc, that I'm still here.
Lying around on the beach on the long run can be pretty boring (really!), so I decided to become a scuba dive instructor. I live here on Koh Tao since April 2010 with a few interruptions. Since January 2011, I am Instructor and since then diligently teaching a new beginners course every week. Since my classes are so popular, I have decided to start my own business and set up my own small team.

Boss of indoor service


Rescue Diver
Boss of indoor service

Like me, Pooh loves Koh Tao and is here already 8 years. Pooh is the heart and soul of my Dive Center. She is responsible for the entire organization of the Dive Center.
You also owe it to her that I can book you tickets across Thailand. She always has a free smile for you, but also a funny saying on the lip.
Besides, she also rents out scooters. Everybody likes Pooh, thats why she has already 2300 Facebook Friend.

My Dive Team

SSI Open Water Instructor
PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor

SSI Advanced Open Water Instructor
PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor
Jo has never really lived in Germany. At the age of 6, he emigrated with his mother to Scotland. Then he went to Jamaica and since then he does nothing more than diving.
Since 7 years he has now teached student divers and this experience you will realize in your diving course.
The Meike comes from a proper diver family.
Her dad and 2 of 3 brothers are divemasters. She has it taken to the extreme and several years ago decided to earn her living by diving, and has become a scuba diving instructor.
I have successfully recruited her from a diving school in Egypt, where she has been working before.

SSI Open Water Instructor

SSI Advanced Open Water Instructor
PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor
Even journalism does not seem to be as exciting as you always think, elsewise Christine never had landed on Koh Tao. The rest of the text you will hear of many people on Koh Tao: She has decided to stay here and therefore became a diving instructor. Martijn is our resident Dutchman. He has travelled around most of the world but it still took a while to decide he did not want to spend the rest of his working life in an office.
He started diving in 1993 while he was studying on Aruba and has been an enthusiastic diver ever since.
If you're lucky you'll be taught by him in his charming Dutch accent.

My Captain

Captain Pi Ma-nop