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Am I real? Is this really all that great, as I describe it to you?

YES! :-)

Just read what what nice things former students have written!

As most of our students are german-speaking, all the blogs are in german. Just some posts on TripAdvisor are in english.
Blog by Katharina Kötter
Kathi did her Open Water and Advanced with me.

Link to Blog
Blog by Christian Schadt
Tina did her Open Water with me.

Link to Blog
Blog by Ingrid and Peter
The two of them did together with Rosine Tschopp their Open Water, Advanced and Rescue Course with me straight ahead. Then they did their divemaster course with me and then worked for 2 months for me :-)

Blog Open Water and Advanced
Blog about Rescue Course
Blog about their Divemaster
Blog by Nicole Bittrich
Also those two guys are happy Open Water Divers of mine.

Link to Blog

Here a tool to translate Thai into German: