Now you can simply do your Nitrox Course from home.

The course is about the theory of diving with Nitrox, also known as EAN.
Nitrox is with oxygen enriched air.

With Nitrox you have far longer bottom times and you can do more dives per day, for example if you dive on a Live-a-board.

We will teach you the whole theory for diving with Nitrox up to 40% oxygen.
After finishing the online course we will certify you with the digital certification "Nitrox up to 32%", which is the most common nitrox mix.

On your next holiday you simply do some small practical skills and then you get upgraded to "Nitrox up to 40%" without paying extra fees to SSI.*

Theory in your SSI App  
1 online theory session via Zoom  
Theoretical test in your SSI App  
Digital Certification  
Only 99,99 Euro  

Please use the usual ways to sign up: HERE

* If you come to my dive center, you get the upgrade for free. Other dive centers may charge a small fee for the practical application and the upgrade.